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Dangers of Sitting Too Long

Most individuals normally spend their half of the day sitting in their cars, in front of the television or even at their office desk. Basically, most people often spend about fifty fiver hours per week sitting in one place which is over two whole days of sitting in a week. If you’re among those people who spend most of their time sitting down without interruption, be aware that it can easily affect your health in very many ways. For instance, sitting for extended period of time can easily decrease the flow of blood to the lower extremities that can lead to aches, leg soreness, pain and even more serious conditions. Generally, the risk of sitting too long in one place can be more serious even if the person involved carries out workouts. This write up will assist you in knowing about some of the health risks you are likely to encounter if you usually sit down for long time period.

Here are some of the risks you are likely to encounter if you often sit down for long;

* Depression:-

Sitting for a long time in one place can decrease the flow of blood to the other vital parts of the body. This can easily influence your mood because serotonin i.e. the hormone that often makes us feel good will fail to circulate through your body properly. This in the long run may make you begin feeling depressed. It is advisable that those people who usually suffer from depression avoid sitting down for long time periods since they can end up worsening their condition by sitting down.

* Death Risk:-

If you sit down for more than six hours on a daily basis, be aware that you have got higher risk of early death which may be resulted from heart disorders. According to research, women who sit for six hours have about 40 percent risk while men have about 20 percent higher risk of early death even if they perform exercises on a daily basis. However, be aware that the risk of early death is normally higher for those people who do not carry out exercises at all. Women who do not carry out exercises have got about 95 percent higher while men have got about 50 percent higher risk of death.

* Back and Neck Pain:-

Sitting for too long in bad posture can make you start experiencing neck and back pain. This is because bad posture can easily affect your spinal structure. If your head, shoulder and neck are not aligned in straight line while you are sitting down, you may easily end up suffering from neck, shoulder and back muscles pain. To avoid experiencing such pain, it is normally recommended you take frequent breaks from time to time and always ensure that most of the time you are sitting in an upright posture.

* Muscle Weakness:-

Muscle weakness is another danger you are likely to experience if you normally sit down for long time period. Sitting for long periods of tim3e in one place without any interruptions can easily affect the muscle of shoulders, torso and neck. Generally, the Min reason why most body muscles often become weak is because of lack of movement and exercise. After you’ve had a prolonged sitting, your muscles will most probably get strained or they may tend to cramp as a result of poor circulation of blood.

* Knee Pain:-

Knee pain that can also be resulted by sitting down for long periods of time is also another commonly experienced problem. While sitting knees normally are at an angle of 90 degrees, sitting all day can easily put pressure on your kneecap and make you experience pain as well as swelling in your knees.


* Risk of Heart Infections:-

If you always sit in one place all day without any interruption, the level of cholesterol in your body is most likely to increase. Basically, high cholesterol level in the body is one of the factors that cause heart disorders. Note that high cholesterol in your body drops enzyme activity by as much as 85 percent due to sitting. This can prevent helpful enzymes from holding that fat and using it as energy.


* Deep Vein Thrombosis:-

This is another serious disorder you will most likely experience as a result of spending most of the time during the day sitting on a daily basis. Sitting down for too long can cause poor circulation of blood to your lower extremities; this can create a greater risk of developing blood clot in your deeper vein in the leg. In the long run this can result to a condition that is referred to as DVT i.e. deep vein thrombosis. While sitting for a long time period, if you happen to experience pain in your chest and shortness of breath, then this may be a sign of blood clot.



Obesity is another disorder that can occur for those people who normally sit down for long time periods. Typically, there is often a direct link between obesity and high triglycerides levels i.e. the main fat in the body. According to research, people suffering from obesity have got higher levels of triglycerides. If you sit down for longer period on a daily basis, your rate of metabolism in the body will slow down and this will make your body to be unable to burn enough calories that results in obesity. For you to avoid this disorder, it is recommended that you use stairs in stead of lift or park the car farther from your place of work so that you can exercise a bit.


*Risk of Diabetes:-


Sitting for prolonged period on a daily basis can end up developing the risk of metabolic syndrome by about 25 percent. Metabolic syndrome is one of the factors that usually cause diabetes since it makes the body use sugar for energy production.

Last but not the least; it is ideal that you avoid the aforementioned conditions by ensuring that you change your sitting position after every 30 minutes and always engaging yourself in workouts on a daily basis.

Long periods of discomfort from sitting too long may be a symptom of vascular diseases. Contact us at (65) 3158 5042 or email info@vascularcare.sg

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